About Us

Thank you for visiting our website! Brighter Side Recovery was started in May of 2018 and we started taking on our clients in August of 2018. We have quickly become one of the best recovery support groups and drug rehabilitation centers in Evansville, IN. We offer a variety of services for clients who are seeking help in the below areas:

•Sublocade Treatment
•Suboxone Treatment'
•Vivitrol Treatment
•Opioid Dependance
•Heroin Dependance
•Meth Dependance

Brighter Side Recovery has become successful because the medication is known as the Golden Standard for Individuals with opioid dependence. Everyone who works for Brighter side, has a passion for recovery. We are here to help you! Our goal for the business is to help any and all that want to live a better life for themselves and get clean off of drugs and alcohol.
Learn more about your recovery options here in Evansville, IN