Is Our MAT Drug Program Right For You?

Is Our MAT Drug Program Right For You?

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Overcoming a powerful drug addiction is a challenge. If therapy and other treatment options aren’t helping, get in touch with Brighter Side Recovery, LLP today. We offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) plans in Evansville, IN. Under the care of our medical professionals, we’ll use effective medications to help your body fight cravings.

Don’t keep battling your addiction alone. Call Brighter Side Recovery at 812-962-9020 now to learn how our MAT drug program can help you.

Details about our medication-assisted treatment

Ending your drug addiction is never easy, but Brighter Side Recovery is here to help make the process less painful. Our MAT program consists of:

  • SUBLOCADE™: A monthly injection designed to treat moderate to severe opioid-use disorders
  • SUBOXONE™: A prescription plan to help you overcome opioid dependence
  • VIVITROL®: A monthly injection treatment tailored to prevent relapse after an opioid detox
Want to learn more about our MAT drug program? Contact Brighter Side Recovery for details about your treatment options.