Morphine Abuse Recovery

Morphine Abuse Recovery

Treatment in Evansville, IN at Brighter Side Recovery

What is Morphine? Morphine is a powerful prescription drug (classified as an opiate) that is typically prescribed to someone who needs to get rid of the pain to get back to their normal day. Morphine can be taken in the form of a:

  • Pill/capsule
  • Liquid

And when abused, can cause severe health issues and habits that are almost impossible to stop. When a person admits they are addicted to morphine, we at Brighter Side Recovery feel that the best form of treatment is usually used in conjunction with medication. Withdrawal, cravings and the harmful effects post a severe threat and challenge to the individual who is addicted to morphine. We prescribe medication that helps treat those side effects so that over time, you are able to slowly make your way off the drug. Some medications and interventions we use to treat clients are:

  • Suboxone
  • Methadone
  • Other medicated assisted treatments

If you or a loved one are located in the Evansville, IN area and are ready to get your life back, please contact us right away so we can come up with a treatment solution that is right for you! Call now at (812) 962-9020.