Do You Need Help With Your Prescription Drug Addiction?

Do You Need Help With Your Prescription Drug Addiction?

Let Brighter Side Recovery help you battle opioid addiction in Evansville, IN

Opioid drugs, also known as narcotics, remains to be a common drug addiction throughout the country. If you are addicted to pain killers like Percocet, Heroin, or Oxycodone come to our rehab center where we can discuss proven treatment plans that will work best for you. At Brighter Side Recovery, LLP we want to help you find the best drug addiction medications so you can get your life back today.

Call a professional at Brighter Side Recovery to get started on your opioid treatment today!

What is our rehab center process?

At Brighter Side Recovery we will do an assessment to make sure you are a good fit for the program. This includes items like your personal history of trauma and your current and past prescription drug addiction . After going through the assessment process, Brighter Side Recovery will determine if you are a good fit for our program then we can start the treatment process. Everyone's treatment varies based on your personal assessment.

Counseling can also help:

  • Change attitudes
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Increase motivation
  • Help build foundations for healthier lifestyles

We are here to help you travel down the road to recovery. Schedule a consultation today in Evansville, IN to see if our drug addiction medications are right for you!