Find A Local Support Group

Find A Local Support Group

Ask about our addiction support group in Evansville, IN

Struggling with drug addiction? Don’t fight your bad habits alone. Reach out to Brighter Side Recovery, LLP today. We host a variety of addiction support groups in Evansville, IN. These unique meetings provide you with an opportunity to learn and grow with others fighting the same demons as you. You’ll leave these confidential sessions feeling educated and empowered on your path to sobriety.

Want to join our addiction support group? Call 812-962-9020 now to learn how.

3 benefits of joining an addiction support group

Tired of losing the fight with your addiction? Join our addiction support group in Evansville, IN. We meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Saturday. During our meetings, you’ll:

  1. Meet with others in a situation similar to yours
  2. Talk about your fears, resentments and successes
  3. Learn and grow in a safe, caring environment
For more details about our addiction support groups, visit our Facebook page today.