Don't Battle Your Addiction Alone

Don't Battle Your Addiction Alone

Call our rehab center for Sublocade Treatment Programs in Evansville, IN!

Need a different opiate treatment plan? Brighter Side Recovery, LLP is here to help! We're happy to offer the Sublocade Treatment Program. This new program involves drug addiction medications that are meant to increase treatment success in Evansville, IN. This plan works hand and hand with our counseling services.

The Sublocade Treatment Program is a 6-month program for individuals with moderate to severe opioid addiction. How does this treatment plan work? Through once a month injections this medication will gradually be released into the body over time. These injections reduce your cravings, decrease the amount of opioids used, and keep you in recovery longer. Sublocade treatment receives the best results when paired with Brighter Side Recovery's counseling services.

Are you eligible for the Sublocade Treatment Program?

In order to be eligible to participate, you must be:

  • Stable
  • Have clean drug screens
  • Make regular doctor appointments

Call our rehab center at 812-962-9020 to see if this drug addiction medications program in Evansville, IN is right for you!